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Our Proud Partners

Bully Rallies 2019

The Buckeye Show will host two Bully Rallies

Boys and Girls Club Milo-Grogan location  July 26, 2019

Beaty Park TBA (Fish Fry)

for more information please call

(614) 270-1652

Buckeye Show Overseas End of Workouts Scrimmage

Sign Up Here to Compete in Our Halftime High School Cheer Competition!

Rah, rah shish boom bah, gooo team. All high school cheerleaders think about becoming cheerleaders when they get into college, so why not give them an opportunity to start competing , by hosting a cheerleading competition during halftime of our games.


Fish Fry Fundraiser

The Buckeye Show offers the perfect opportunity. For your non-profit organization. (school, church, little league, etc..)

We will cook/sell fish, chips, or fries with drink and at your event you receive 15% of the profits.

Program runs Between August 2019-November 2019.